How essential is Remote?

Forbes conducted a survey about how employees feel now that they’ve transitioned to working from home. The results? Over 64% prefer it and are happier because of it.

Recent global issues have prompted most companies to adapt to work-from-home setups. Some might have realized that this could really be the new direction taking over traditional workspaces. But what if your business is still struggling with the switch to working remotely? Or if you’re already on that page, how’s your business doing so far?

Importance of Remote to your business

Reduces overhead expenses + environmental benefits
Comfortable working conditions for everyone meaning, a healthy working environment
Overall genuine work-life balance

How we can help your business

Improved disaster management and recovery

Being 100% prepared and ready for remote allows you and your team to be more flexible when your business encounters an issue. If your employees are well-supported wherever they are located, unforeseen disasters and emergencies will be isolated and more conveniently addressed.

Increase Flexibility

Just to be clear, there will be effort. But we are here to handle the heavy load with the right tools, properly setup, with training for your team, plus we will be there every step of the way afterward to ensure things remain running smoothly.

Custom-Fit tools for 100% Productivity

When it comes to productivity tools, we know there is no one-size-fits-all. What’s awesome about us is we can tailor-fit one so that your business needs are continually met even when your team is remote. What better way to get this than from a team who’s 100% remote? (Yeah, that’s us)

So, where will your office be today?