Backup and Recovery

How essential is
Backup & Recovery?

93% of companies who face a major data crisis and are without reliable backup and disaster recovery strategies will go out of business within one year. (Source: Ontech)

Just imagine, all your work and resources going down the drain in the blink of an eye.

It’s a scary picture to paint when you really think about it. But the good news is we plan for the worst to ensure we’re always ready. We believe the best disaster is one you plan for.

Importance of Backup and Recovery to your business

Less Downtime, Faster Recovery
Uninterrupted internal operations
Reinforces your tech infrastructure and systems so they are equipped with Plan B, C, or D at any moment

How we can help your business

No explanations needed when you have a reliable backup

Power interruptions or natural calamities can lead to loss of data. Without proper backup, you would need to explain to customers why services are not available. We’re here to help you know exactly what to expect.

We Protect the integrity Of your brand

We know some downtime is inevitable. Our backup and recovery services help you reduce, or better yet completely avoid it. Recovery is our backup’s back up plan just in case.

We Give You Peace of Mind

We do our best to ensure you can always sleep at night knowing your data is safely stored and secure with us. When you expect us to do our best, we aim to deliver even better.

Make your
business resilient